The January Neo-Narratives Content About Content Awards

So one-twelfth of 2016 is over already (who saw that coming just one month ago!) and we’re dishing out another slew of well-deserved awards to the most awesome content about content we’ve encountered in January.

January Awards

The Daily One Stop Content Shop Content Award

The daily Page Not Found  is a fantastic resource for time-poor content marketers. Christian Gericke (@cgericke), SVP for sales at Acrolinx deep dives into the world wide web of content marketing news, opinions, features and jobs, so you don’t have to. And he’ll deliver them directly into your inbox. How’s that for service.

Covering sectors such as technology, science, business and politics you really won’t need much else in the way of a daily fix of all things content.

So sign up, sit back and enjoy as a wave of great articles about content wash over you.

The How To Make Beautiful Infographics Content Award

The 800lbs gorilla in the content room, Hubspot (@hubspot), does it again with a brilliant ebook full of infographic insights – How To Make Beautiful Infographics –  on planning, executing and promoting your visual data content.

They also have a handy infographic template book. Here’s one I made from it earlier – an infographic about infographics – with lots of data to show how effective infographics are.

So grab both books and start getting creative now.

The Science of Engagement Content Award

When the BBC does a survey we sit up and listen. Auntie’s advertising wing analysed the facial expressions of 5,153 
digital consumers across six countries when viewing content at and the results were “fascinating” showing that, “when clearly labelled, content-led marketing is considered trusted and persuasive in quality environments, and has a powerful emotional impact on the brands involved.”

Show that to your CMO when they next ask why you’re doing all this content marketing.

And while you’re at it show this to them – the winner of the January Content About Content Award… Optimizely (@optimizely) for its superb (and free!) 2016 Testing Toolkit.

The Toolkit contains:

  • Infographic of Test Ideas by Industry
  • Test Ideation and Hypothesis Generation Worksheets
  • Test Idea Prioritization Frameworks
  • Test Plan Template
  • Results Sharing Presentation Template
  • Testing Overview Presentation Template
  • Test Idea Submission Flyer Template
  • Testing Hackathon Flyer Template

Now there’s really no excuse not to begin testing on your site or at least starting the conversation internally with a great resource such as this at hand to guide you through the early steps.

So that’s two awards in a row for Optimizely – they sure are optimizing their chances of winning as long as they keep the quality control as high as this.

See you all next month!

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