Four Simple One-Hour Hacks to Supercharge Your Storytelling for 2016

Content means many things to many people. It might be one line of advertising copy or a tweet. Perhaps aBrother_WP1-IMG_6991 press release, video, or infographic. Maybe a slide deck, brochure or report or simply a two-word call to action that could be the catalyst for the success or failure of your business.

Whatever the style, structure or substance of your content it has to be produced with love and care and there’s no better time than the start of a new year to give it a little TLC with these four easy-to-implement hacks.

Just one-hour per week implementing any or all of these actions will pay dividends almost immediately and help set up your content marketing efforts for the next 12 months.


Create once, publish everywhere (COPE) sounds like the most obvious strategy in the world. You have, say, produced a new report on activity in your sector. You write a press release and distribute it to journalists but did you also use a newswire distribution service to boost its SEO potential? You published the report on your site but did you write a news story about it? You Tweeted Facebook and but did you share on Linkedin or Instagram?

Every time you create and publish a piece of content ask yourself if you are maximizing its potential. Look at all your distribution channels and ensure you are capitalizing on them.

Streamline It With Software

There’s a piece of software for everything nowadays and most of it you can try for free before committing financially so jump in and see what might work for you. Whether its optimization, content governance, metrics, or social media there’s sure to be a program to help your content marketing efforts become efficient.

I Just Got Engaged

Lionel_Logue_1906It’s a bit of a fuzzy phrase and can mean lots of things but if you’re talking to your audience you’re on the right track. Social media is the natural place to start. Give away freebies, ask for feedback, do a Q&A, invite your users to generate content for you. Try to have one conversation a week which will make your audience happier and a wealth of potential will open up for your business.


It’s A Numbers Game

Create a metrics dashboard. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. It can be a simple spreadsheet, updated weekly with how many net new Twitter followers you got, how many people liked your Linkedin post or how many visits your website got but the simple task of measuring and recording is the cornerstone of all successful content strategies. Metrics are addictive and when you get the hang of them and start producing graph and tables and setting targets your content will be in a much better place.

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